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"Home is where the heart is at, even if you can't remember what box you packed it in."

More and more people in the UK are considering Spain as their choice of residence, and this means there is also a larger number of people who wish to move back to the UK, or who simply need to visit regularly for business or personal reasons. Even once their new residence has been purchased and set up, it takes time to get all their furniture and possessions over from one country to another. This can sometimes cause inconvenient delays and unnecessary stress, but this is where Mar Menor Removals comes in.


Jill and Ricky are a couple based in La Manga del Mar Menor, Spain, and also the UK, who have over 15 years experience doing removals from the UK to Spain and back again. Their professional approach and vast understanding of the business sector enables them to make quick and easy arrangements with their clients, as well as being able to offer them realistic time-scales and competitive rates for their removal needs. Once you are in contact with them, you will find they are incredibly reliable and will be happy to discuss various arrangements and answer any questions that you may have.

















Whether the job consists of moving furniture, general items, motorcycles or pets (which you can also chose to travel with if you wish to keep them company), Mar Menor Removals will be able to offer you the best deal in terms of price and time-scales. We also offer FREE storage space up to two months, after which charges apply, and we have enough room in our vehicles to move a full house in a single trip.


For more information on the quality of our service, scroll or slide down to our Testimonials. You can also send your enquiry via the Contact Us form at the bottom of the site to get a quote from us, or simply to get in touch and ask us anything.









We do not use any third party companies to complete our deliveries.



Mar Menor Removals UK - SPAIN
Removals Mar Menor Removals have been operating between these two countries for over 15 years, and know all the best techniques and business tips to maximize the use of vehicle space. We also know all the best routes to make sure all your items reach their destination as quickly as possible, and can offer great rates while covering all of Spain and the UK. We offer a flexible approach to the classic removal business through all of our experience, and we can help collect and deliver purchased products to your doorstep, as well as help you with your next move to and from Spain. Our vehicles have enough space to move a full house and we also offer to help move your pets, motorcycles, heavy furniture and many other items. Contact us today to find out the best rates for your removal requirements!


  +34 968 564 298

  +34 696 621 884


Moving from one country to another can be a challenging mission sometimes, but Jill and Ricky are here to help you every step of the way. Based on the number of items you wish to move, they will always offer their best advice, the largest amount of space, and the best approach to the whole moving process.


We recommend you double check how many items you need to move, roughly how many boxes we will need to load and also to offer us a general idea of how you wish to prioritize these. Again, we can help you in the decision making if you are not sure, but we also work based on your needs and we will always take your priorities into consideration. Feel free to ask if you're not sure.


Full or half loads are available, offering a great deal no matter how big or small the load is. You can also travel alongside your pets, if you have any and wish to keep them company. However, here at Mar Menor Removals, we are animals ourselves, as well. So please rest assured they will be taken great care of during the journey. Just like anything else, we will need as many details as possible to avoid any unnecessary complications, such as vaccines, animal passports, etc...

Send us a message via the form below to get a quote on your next move!

To avoid any delays in collecting and moving your items, please make sure all of them are boxed and labelled correctly. This will ensure there is no confusion around what items will require loading onto our vans first, and it will also help you unpack when your items reach their destination. We recommend going through the following checklist before our team arrives:

  • Make sure you have enough boxes and packing supplies in which to put all your items in. There are usually more items in our homes than we are sometimes aware of, so double checking you have enough boxes and other materials to pack is essential.
  • Organize an inventory of everything you are packing and where you are putting it exactly. This will not only help you yourself keep track of what goes where, but it will also help us know where to place certain items. Rest assured, they will all fit in our vans.
  • Create labels for each box and apply them as soon as you can. This can save a lot of time during the loading process and it will also help us identify your more fragile items and ensure their safety. Something so simple can save a lot of time.
  • Please do not pack any flammable, hazardous or otherwise illegal materials. You might want to check the legislation do make sure none of the items you are packing are considered as such, and also make sure none of your items are perishable, such as plants, food and other similar goods.
  • Also ensure you do not pack any personal items such as passports or important documents, as you may have need of these while your items are traveling with us.

We offer FREE storage space for your items and boxes for up to two months, after which charges will apply. We can hold onto these near the destination point, in case you get delayed yourself, and we will aim to meet up with you as soon as possible to complete the delivery once you are ready.

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Based in Sheffield (UK) and the Costa Calida Region (Spain)

Email: info@uk-spain-removals.com

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